Quenching is the rapid cooling of a workpiece to obtain certain material properties. It prevents low-temperature processes such as phase transformations, from occurring by only providing a narrow window of time in which the reaction is both thermodynamically favourable and kinetically accessible. The quenching process reduces the crystallinity and thereby increases toughness of the metal. The Quenching Box is designed to provide the best possible Thermo Mechanical Treatment that enhances corrosion resistance as well as mechanical properties including Bending, Tensile strength, Yield Stress, Elongation. It helps in delivering TMT plus bars with higher meterage per unit weight, thus providing for superior cost savings. Based on latest technology support, the complete system comprises quenching box featuring high pressure injectors & strippers,
direct drive shear & pinch rolls as well as desired instrumentation support.


Pinch Roll Assembly consist of two rolls, either supported in bearings on both ends or cantilevers type both roll driven by motor through pinion stands .Purpose of the pinch rolls is to pull the material (hot billet/bars, strips/sheets) when it has left the stand and pushed into the next stand, quenching box or the next processing equipment.Tail Breaker is basically a pinch roll with a purpose to reduce the bar speed when it has left the stand in order to ensure that the rolling bar stops within the cooling bed length.


Flying Shears find their use in cutting purpose of bars. Our Shear machines are subject to customization on basis of specification.
Equipped to manufacture the most advanced and highly accurate flying shears. We are known for the quality and performance of these
Range of Shears
1. Start Stop flying Shear
2. Continuous Shear
3. Crank Type start stop Flying Shear
4. Crop and Cobble Shear
5. Cold Bar Shear

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