Wire Rod Block Mills

No-Twist Wire Rod Block mill is a single strand mill using cantilevered rolls of small diameter arranged alternatively 45” above and below the horizontal. The 90” relationship between adjacent rolls eliminates twisting oval into round passes as conventional oval-toround sequence, a factor which results in less guide wear and simpler guide design. The outstanding characteristic of the mill design is simplicity.

Wire Rod Block Mills Parts

Equipment upgrades Benefit from the latest design technologies, improving overall equipment and mill performance with targeted upgrades. Planned repair or reconditioning work is the prime opportunity to incorporate some of the latest designs in the mill to align with current operating parameters and market demands.

Wire Rod Block Mills Projects

Improving capacities of smaller mills by making changes to existing layouts Direct feeding of billet from caster to the mill saving on cost of re-heating the billet.

What is Included

Symmetrical roll

Symmetrical roll parting adjustment is provided by means of eccentric sleeves, which support the roll shafts and the work and drive side

High Capacity sleeve bearings

High-capacity sleeve bearings and are equipped with side arms fitted with swivel nuts and connected by an adjusting screw.

Adjusting Screw

The movement of the screw adjusts each roll symmetrically towards or away from the pass line and the adjusting screw itself is accessible no
matter whether the cobble screen is in the open or closed position.

Symmetrical Parting

The combination of symmetrical parting adjustment and 90°
orientation of adjacent stands provides a truly straight and constant pass line.