Technology Partners

Technology Partners

Over the years, A.R Group has made technological advancements to equipment designs with the support of European technology partners. We have partnered with highly experienced to committed to our long-run mission of offering the most advanced technology and quality equipment towards the infrastructure needs of the nation, engineering design companies in Germany, England, Canada and US.We manufacture flying shears under the license of H&K India, to cut Thermex QST bars.


Burkhard Heht Consulting

Mr. Burkhard Heht is a highly qualified engineer and has an experience of nearly 40 years and worked for rolling mills all across the world. He is a consultant to A.R Engineering Works for Steel Rolling Mill, for the most advanced German technologies and rolling mill efficiencies.

PH Engineering Design Limited

PH Engineering Design Limited in the U.K. provides technical consultancy and engineering design to steel producers around the world. Managing Director Mr. Paul Hartley is a Fellow of the Institute of Engineering Designers, a member of the Charter of Engineering Institutes and a Registered Engineering Designer. With over 30 years experience in the steel industry his expertise in steel production is unsurpassed. The company’s mission is to provide cost effective energy efficient technology to the steel sector in order to improve productivity, efficiency and yield. Its aim is to insure business requirements are achieved within budget. Deployment and support services are part of each project undertaken with our partners to upgrade plant and equipment and adapt machinery to suit specific requirements to provide lowest capital costs and the shortest time period from order to commissioning.

Sendzimir Mills

Over 50 years of experience on Hot and cold Rolling Mills for carbon, stainless steel, and non-ferrous Rolling Mills. Our precision cold rolling mills have name brand recognition worldwide for gauge accuracy, flatness of strip shape, and ultrathin gauge. Before 90% of the world’s stainless steel strip is used, it is precision rolled to exact thickness using Sendzimir rolling technology – no matter whether it is produced in the USA, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Thailand, Europe, India, Australia, or South Africa. T. Sendzimir, Inc. designs and builds high quality rolling mills and various sub-assemblies for 20-High ZR™ Mills and Z-Highs™ such as retrofits to existing rolling mills and new wiping systems for all mills. A.R Engineering has partnered with Sendzimir Mills for design support for Cold Rolling Mills and to market Sendzimir Mills in India and the Middle-East.