Slit Rolling Technology

Depending on plant configuration the slitting process can be adapted to
rolling mills with a minimum of four final stands in continuous

The process gives the following benefits:

  • Substantial increase in production
  • Reduction in the number of rolling stands
  • Reduction in operation costs

The slitting technology as applied to continuous bar mills enables the production of two or more strands from one billet.

What is included

Reducing the billet conventionally

Reducing the billet conventionally through the roughing and
intermediate rolling mill to produce an acceptable section for the
first special shaping pass at the forming stand.

Precise guidance of this stock

Precise guidance of this stock to the forming stand where it is reduced and shaped to form a symmetrical ”forming section”.

A Further close guidance

Further close guidance and control of the ”dog bone” through the separating stand, were the stock is reduced and shaped into a ”slit pass”, designed to be easily separated into two equal sections of false round.

A special guide on the delivery side

A special guide on the delivery side of the separating stand ensures a clean slitting of the bar and now delivers multiple strand of equal sections to their respective finishing lines.